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 Mon, 09 Jan 2017 23:46:43 +0100 
So interessant wie ich das Konzept auch finde, kann ich nicht anders, als die einfach unglaublich hässlich zu finden.

#^Ein erster Blick auf den Elektro-Bulli Buzz von VW

Nach dem I.D. Kleinwagen ist der Buzz I.D. die zweite Elektroauto-Studie von Volkswagen. Auf Wunsch fährt er vollautonom. Die Markteinführung peilt VW für 2022 an.


 Tue, 15 Nov 2016 20:55:43 +0100 
#^Powering ahead: vehicle-to-grid | All media content | DW.COM | 11.11.2016

Solar power can be supplied to e-cars, and they can give any surplus electricity back to homes or the grid at times of peak demand. Smart-grids and vehicle-to-grid integration may be the way of the future.

Deutsche Post pilot project in Bonn a big success

 Bonn, GermanySun, 25 Sep 2016 23:06:11 +0200 
#^StreetScooter - Deutsche Post pilot project in Bonn a big success


Deutsche Post spokesperson Achim Gahr said Bonn is the first city in Germany where they have employed their carbon-free concept.  They have been transforming the fleet to electric vehicles since 2013.  Because the program has shown such positive results, other cities will also receive the electric vehicles.  The StreetScooter was developed in-house and is produced by Deutsche Post, with 1,000 vehicles having been manufactured by the end of August.

It was not an easy transition to the electric fleet which makes Gahr even more pleased to hear positive feedback about the vehicles.  At first, they could not find a German car-maker to deliver the goods.  They had to make a decision to develop their own electric vehicle, which they did with the help of their postal delivery employees.  Producer of the vehicles is Streetscooter GmbH in Aachen, which is now owned one hundred percent by Deutsche Post.  The first StreetScooter rolled off the production line in 2012.