lost Wave

 Tue, 05 Feb 2019 18:20:32 +0100 
Introducing Wave theme in OXID eShop • OXIDforge
With #OXID eShop release 6.1.2 all editions we introduce the new Wave theme to the public which will be packaged with compilation. Read more about it.

In the storefront, only minor adjustments were made in comparison to the Flow theme: our aim is not to restyle or redesign the existing Flow theme – rather our duty is to deliver a lightweight, slender and willowy (yet functional) basis for your projects that you don’t have to purge first. However, we want to improve and update some frontend components. In this manner, Wave is more a progression than an evolution.

:shrug I still don't get it. They copy all the legacy JavaScript from the pre-predecessor theme, switch from #Bootcrap 3 to Bootcrap 4 and call it a new theme? #WTF?!?