building DC power grid

 Tue, 08 Aug 2017 11:58:32 +0200 
#^The Alternative Power Network – Providing a DC grid for hacker events.

Hello and welcome to our information site. We are designing and building an alternative power network for the upcoming big Dutch hacker event SHA2017.

The idea of building a DC power grid to experiment with came to us at CCCamp 2015. We asked around and many people of the community would like to have an opportunity to share their surplus of solar / wind or other eco-friendly power during hacker events. Some people like the idea they can use “green” power on events, even if they have to modify some systems for it or adapt to using less power. Others are interested to study the dynamics of a DC system or would like to figure out how to send data over a DC grid. We would like to satisfy all of those people by building a transparent DC grid.