Wed, 29 Aug 2018 22:14:55 +0200 
When looking at this years results from my garden I get quite jealous at these promises :-/

#^neoFarms | Automatic Aeroponic Indoor Garden

neoFarms | Fully automatic aeroponic indoor garden that grows healthy vegetables, fresh herbs, and nutritious microgreens in the kitchen at home or restaurants.

A neoFarm is an automated indoor-garden which makes it possible for you to grow your own vegetables, fruits or herbs in your kitchen. The neoFarm has many advantages compared to regular farming:
* You do not need much knowledge about cultivation, because the system is fully automated
* You can grow your plants all year long, so you can enjoy for example strawberries in winter
* The plants contain a lot of vitamins due to the perfect nutrient supply and are free from pesticides
* You can take out the plants and work with them on the kitchen counter
* We use aeroponics, so there is no soil or water, hence the cultivation is very clean
* You do not need a garden