Fri, 03 Apr 2015 21:20:15 +0200 
The 2nd try to get a DAV auth plugin seems to be a failure, too. :-( Much too awkward and nested to use it.
Let's try something else...

Mike Macgirvin
 Sat, 04 Apr 2015 01:13:46 +0200 
I'm sort of waiting for you to reach a stable point in what you're doing with DAV so I can replace that entire mechanism. Maybe you'd like to tackle some or most of that work. That is - /cloud will be the web interface and only the web interface; and /dav will be the DAV interface and only the DAV interface. This way we can get rid of the 'davguest' hack and separate the authentication mechanisms needed for each different use. It will probably make DAV unusable by magic-auth but folks (with permission) still have access to read/write files via the web interface.

The end result is that it will all be cleaner and easier to integrate with everything else and we won't have login dialogues popping up on webpages because somebody forgot to add '&davguest=' or '&zid='  to their file links.
 Sun, 05 Apr 2015 00:33:10 +0200 
We need a new neutral DAV entry point for all the DAV nodes we will need like principals, calender, contacts, files, photos, etc. Something like /dav would be good for this I think. WebDAV clients and Cal/CardDAV would point there.
RedBrowser is already an optional Sabre Server Plugin in my branch. It is used to get a view of the DAV server in a browser and is not required anymore for accessing through a WebDAV client or the DAV server itself. I am not sure how to go on with /cloud. It should be some kind of a proxy for /dav/files/ but I am not sure if this will work with the current Browser Plugin from Sabre.
I hope I got hotlinking for files, davguest for directories and basic auth for WebDAV clients other than KDE working now. Need to clean up bit after some sleep and will push for testing later.