The Director

 Wed, 24 Apr 2019 18:37:38 +0200 
#Icinga Director is such a wonderful tool. You pay more attention to your #CMDB and IT documentation and your monitoring system syncs nicely. \o/
For sure it is no out of the box solution, you need to plan and prepare a lot beforehand, but afterwards it is so flexible and nice to use.

#^Monitoring Automation with Icinga – The Director

I’m not going to list all benefits of automating your monitoring system. If you’re here and reading this, you are most likely very aware that maintaining a large infrastructure is a big challenge.
Automating the monitoring process for a huge amount of servers, virtual machines, applications, services, private and public clouds was a main driver for us when we decided to build Icinga 2. In fact, monitoring large environments is not a new demand for us at all. We experienced this challenge in tandem with many corporations for many years. Finally, it lead us to build features like our rule based configuration, Icinga’s REST API and various modules, cookbooks, roles and playbooks for different configuration management tools.
 Fri, 03 May 2019 00:02:25 +0200 
Haven't heard about Nagios for quite some time. Actually since the fork of Icinga 1. ;-) Now Icinga 1 is already EOL and Icinga 2 has developed to a wonderful tool. The configuration is a complete DSL and provides so much more, than the old Icinga1/Nagios config files. But I can still use all my old monitoring scripts and checks. In the last years there have been so many new monitoring tools, but somehow I always stayed with Icinga. The support for automation tools like Puppet, Ansible is quite solid, but my absolute favourite feature got Icinga Director. Another feature that looks very promising is the Business Process addon when you want to visualize full services with several dependencies.
If you just have a few hosts and services I don't think it makes so much difference which monitoring tool to give a try. I am always interested in other impressions and experiences. ;-)

There is a funny website where you can put together different tools to get a bit inspiration what to try: #^https://openapm.io/
Marshall Sutherland
 Fri, 03 May 2019 02:55:59 +0200 
We still haven't phased out version 2.9 (2007) of Nagios