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NORTH SEA SALT WORKS – Norwegian producer of all natural sea salts. Our clean mineral-rich sea and dedication to quality gives our salt its great character, taste and personality.
We are a family business located on the island of Gossen in Northwestern Norway. Our goal is to reinvigorate and reinterpret Norway’s centuries old production of one of the worlds’ most essential minerals — SEA SALT. Building on traditions dating back to the Viking era, North Sea Salt Works produces sea salt of superior purity and taste using 100% renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our unique brand of sea salt flakes — HAVSNØ™ — is harvested from cold pure seawater from Saltsteinsleia in the Norwegian Sea. It is the mineral content of the cold and clean seawater that makes Havsnø’s crystalline white flakes flat and soft with a light crunchy feeling. The salt has a concentrated salty but clean taste without bitterness arising from the naturally occurring trace minerals.

The unique qualities of North Sea Salt Works’ Havsnø derive from the raw materials – the pure seawater and our artisan method of crystallizing, hand harvesting, rinsing and drying the salt. Havsnø is additive free.
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