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Just welcomed the 2nd Jolla in our house this week, but what is that? The instructions doesn't sound easy at all for me if I would have to explain this to my parents. And just for reading and writing SMS on Ubuntu? This is a news? o_O

#^Jolla Communicator: An Easy Way to Communicate between Ubuntu Desktop & Sailfish OS | Jolla Users Blog

Nowadays, everything spins around ecosystems: Apple, Microsoft and Google are continuously tightening their products' experience to make the life or their users

I would welcome much more native support for #KDE Connect in Jolla. KDE Connect provides already so much more features and works really great! Also to connect it looks much more simple. Why is enabling developer mode a better solution than installing a program?
Thomas Willingham
 Thu, 09 Apr 2015 12:56:51 +0200 
KDE Connect removed the file manager, but don't worry - you can break your laptop power savings if your phone is turned on instead.  

They may have gone a bit mad.