Wed, 08 Jan 2020 17:37:09 +0100 
#^Plasma: A Safe Haven for Windows 7 Refugees

A fully functional Plasma desktop with a Windows 7 theme. Microsoft will stop providing updates for Windows 7 on January 14 2020. There won't be any more patches that correct bugs or even dangerous vulnerabilities. This will leave Windows 7 users exposed to all sorts of bad stuff. But that is not a huge concern for Microsoft. With this move, Redmond hopes to encourage users to upgrade to Windows 10. But why should we care? Maybe because Windows currently holds 77% of the global desktop market share (all Linux desktops combined hold less than 2%). Of that 77%, nearly 30% belongs to Windows 7.

Helping people regain control over their systems and protecting their data is precisely what Free Software communities do best, making this the perfect opportunity to help Windows 7 users upgrade to something much better: To the Plasma desktop!
Harald Eilertsen
 Wed, 08 Jan 2020 17:45:15 +0100 
Hm... I'm actually going to save someones computer by upgrading them to Linux this weekend. This seems like the perfect option!