Bonn, GermanyFri, 31 Aug 2018 23:22:44 +0200 
#^A fateful year for Beethovenfest | DW | 31.08.2018

What music did Beethoven play as a youth? What saved him from suicide? "Fate" is not only in the subtitle to the Fifth Symphony — it's also the motto for this year's Beethovenfest.

#^Beethovenfest: Composers, their fates, their music | DW | 31.08.2018

Prison camp, illness, unrequited love — music that endures over decades and centuries often emerges from difficult situations. These composers turned their personal experiences into symphonies, sonatas and concertos.

 music  Bonn

Why does music make us dance?

 Wed, 29 Aug 2018 22:46:27 +0200 
This is truly impressive indeed. Just saw it again at our youngest kid the last months, she could not crawl, but as soon as there were some rhythmic beats she started moving her whole body to the beats.

#^DW's Health News: Why does music make us dance? | DW | 28.08.2018

Did you know that the bass makes us move?

Scientists in Australia have looked into this question and discovered that the answer lies in the bass. The researchers studied how our brains process low-frequency sounds, which usually form the rhythmic basis of music. They played high- and low-frequency sounds to people and watched their brains' reaction using electroencephalography (EEG).
 Kids  music
 Bonn, GermanyMon, 30 Apr 2018 22:27:59 +0200 
#^All that jazz at the Jazzfest Bonn | DW | 24.04.2018

World-class stars and up-and-coming artists are in the 2018 season, including pianist Django Bates, Bonn's own trumpet star Nils Wülker and the band Inkognito.
 Bonn  music


 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 23:22:41 +0200 
I really like the eleventh season of The X-Files. But after this episode I have a really annoying earworm. Members of Mayday - Sonic Empire (1997) o_O
1997 OMFG!!! 21years! I was recording this event on tapes from radio. :-D
 music  movie

Over The Border 2018

 Bonn, GermanySun, 18 Mar 2018 23:10:58 +0100 
#^Over The Border 2018 - Music Diversity Festival

Diversity Returns – Das „Over-the-border“-Festival 2018
From 9 March until 25 March 2018, for the third time around, OVER THE BORDER Festival off ers musicians from around the globe a stage to present their music and their culture. The Festival aims to initiate inspiring and controversial dialogues and to promote exchange and encounters across all borders.
 music  Bonn

Return of Mr. Music

 Bonn, GermanySat, 03 Mar 2018 21:33:02 +0100 
Return of Mr Music! | 3 songs bonn
He’s back!  Bernie Gelhausen is re-opening Bonn’s best Record/CD Shop on Saturday (3 March). At 11.11am in Münsterstrasse.

3songs had a sneak preview inside the new Mr Music store and it certainly has cult status written all over it. True, it’s a smaller place than the shop that Gelhausen ran for 25 years in Maximillianstrasse but there will be plenty of vinyl for the old-school collectors, alongside a good selection of CD’s.
 music  Bonn


 Wed, 28 Feb 2018 22:27:56 +0100 
This python3 script works really nice to export the last.fm history.
lastscrape-gui - GUI for getting scrobbles from last.fm and moving them somewhere else

In February 2005 my first scrobble was a Norwegian singer, then an Indonesian song. Around 17800 songs later in November 2014 was my last scrobble to last.fm. Actually I wanted to run my own GNU FM installation then, but unfortunately never finished to set it up. :-(

La terre vue du ciel

 Sun, 25 Feb 2018 21:09:30 +0100 
#^Hochspannung im Finale - Aufholjagd im Paarlauf mit Gold gekrönt | ZDF Olympia PyeongChang 2018

Das spannende Finale mit der Kür der Deutschen sowie den entscheidenenden letzten drei Läufen der Konkurrenz.
Kommentar Volker Grube.

15.02.2018 05:19 Uhr
Video verfügbar bis 31.08.2018, 06:27

Ohne Kommentar
#^Olympia-Journal am 15. Februar | Nachrichten | heute-journal

Mit Eiskunstlaufen, Rodeln, Biathlon und mehr.

10 min Datum: 15.02.2018
Video verfügbar bis 31.08.2018, 22:48
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Grace Jones - Love is the drug

 Sun, 28 Jan 2018 02:21:38 +0100 
Amazing light effect

#^Grace Jones 'Love Is The Drug' (Live).
by thevisitor on YouTube

Donald E. Knuth - Fantasia Apocalyptica

 Fri, 12 Jan 2018 18:29:34 +0100 
Fascinating project by the author of The Art of Computer Programming.

#^Knuth: Fantasia Apocalyptica
Fantasia Apocalyptica is a multimedia work for pipe organ, accompanied by several video tracks. It can be regarded as a somewhat literal translation of the Biblical book of Revelation into music.


We Call It

 Mon, 08 Jan 2018 01:45:18 +0100 
This documentary is 10 years old already. :-O Always interesting to see how different the cities in Germany have been in the beginning. Also the comments about the starting commercialisation with Mayday and so on. Looking at this today with all the EDM equalisation and globalisation is a bit strange.

This Documentary Investigates The Birth Of Germany’s Techno Scene
We Call It Techno! is now available to stream in full with English subtitles.

Germany is widely recognized as having one of the most influential and iconic techno scenes in the world. The 2008 documentary We Call It Techno! takes an important look back at the musical phenomenon’s cultural roots in Berlin, Frankfurt and beyond with exclusive interviews, unpublished film and rare photographic material from 1988 to 1994. It also includes comments from some of the movement’s most significant DJs and producers, like Sven Väth, Tanith and more.

You can now stream the documentary in full with English subtitles until early 2018. Take a look at where it all began below.


 Frankfurt am Main, GermanySun, 07 Jan 2018 00:36:47 +0100 
Looking forward to when this will open.

#^MOMEM - Museum Of Modern Electronic Music

MOMEM won't be a Museum. No museum in a classical sense.
It’s a place in the here and now.
An experience raising awareness for various electronic aspects of life:
Sound, fashion, instruments, apps, club culture, spaces, medial surroundings, interaction.

Most of which arose and still arises from music. Electronic Music.
A journey from the beginnings via today into the future.
And to the international hot spots.
Frankfurt in its centre.


 Sun, 31 Dec 2017 00:29:54 +0100 
#^AquaSonic | Between Music | Performance concerts

Five performers submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom-made instruments and sing entirely underwater. Transformed inside these darkly glittering, aquatic chambers, they produce compositions that are both eerily melodic and powerfully resonant.

AquaSonic is the culmination of years of research into the exciting possibilities of submerged musical performance, breaking barriers and challenging existing paradigms.

The artists conducted countless experiments in collaboration with deep-sea divers, instrument makers and scientists to develop entirely new, highly specialized subaqueous instruments. These include an underwater organ or hydraulophone, crystallophone, rotacorda, percussion and violin. The team also perfected a distinctive vocal technique for underwater singing.

The result is a concert experience completely out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a magical new universe of images and sounds.

Es kommt ein Schiff geladen

 Bonn, GermanyMon, 25 Dec 2017 00:38:12 +0100 last edited: Mon, 25 Dec 2017 00:41:13 +0100  
Frohe Weihnachten. God Jul. Selamat hari Natal. Merry Christmas.

#^Jazzchor der Uni Bonn: ‚Es kommt ein Schiff geladen‘– Der beste Chor im Westen | WDR
by WDR on YouTube
 Bonn  music

Scooter revisited

 Tue, 19 Dec 2017 09:07:02 +0100 
#^Songs by techno band Scooter revisited by classical piano star Olga Scheps | Music | DW | 18.12.2017

Olga Scheps is one of the world's most up-and-coming piano soloists. Her latest album covers pieces by German dance group Scooter. Scheps told DW what fascinated her about this project.

Nur ein Bolzenschneider nötig

 Fri, 20 Oct 2017 01:04:44 +0200 

#^Kettcar - Sommer '89 (Er schnitt Löcher in den Zaun)
by Grand Hotel van Cleef on YouTube

The Potential of Noise

 Mon, 25 Sep 2017 23:22:37 +0200 
#^Conny Plank - The Potential of Noise (Trailer)

ein Film von Reto Caduff & Stephan Plank DE 2017, 92 Min., deutsche-englische OF

Konrad “Conny” Plank (1940-1987) war einer der innovativsten Klanggestaltern und Musikproduzenten seiner Zeit. Die Aufnahmen, die ab den 60er Jahren in seinem sagenumwobenen Tonstudio in Wolperath nahe Köln entstanden sind, haben die Musikwelt revolutioniert. Er war der Pionier des Krautrocks und Wegbereiter der elektronisch geprägten Popmusik. Bands und Künstler wie Neu!, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Ultravox und die Eurythmics nahmen mit ihm auf und betonen noch heute den Einfluss, den er auf ihre Musik hatte. Ohne Plank gäbe es kein “Wir fahrn fahrn fahrn auf der Autobahn” von Kraftwerk, hätte Gianna Nannini wohl für immer auf Englisch gesungen, und wäre ihm ein gewisser Bono sympathischer gewesen, würde “Joshua Tree” von U2 heute ganz anders klingen.

#^Documentary about West German studio legend Conny Plank to be released this year - The Wire

Directed by Reto Caduff and Conny's son Stephan Plank, the documentary looks at the heritage of the producer and sound engineer behind 1970s krautrock, 1980s neue deutsche welle, and much more

Conny Plank: The Potential Of Noise goes on release in September. Directed by Reto Caduff and Stephan Plank, the feature length documentary traces the history of Stephan’s father Conny through the viewpoint of the artists he worked with. It also examines the legacy the West German producer, sound engineer and musician left behind following his death at the age of 47. Ranging across progressive, avant garde, electronic and krautrock, Plank worked with artists such as Neu!, Kraftwerk, Cluster, Guru Guru, La Düsseldorf, Gianna Nannini, Michael Rother, Eurythmics, Les Ritas Mitsuko, Ultravox, and many others. He was also a regular collaborator with Cluster’s Dieter Moebius. Born Konrad Plank in Hütschenhausen in 1940, Conny died of cancer in 1987, leaving behind his wife, the actor Christa Fast, and son Stephan, then aged 13.
 movie  music

Tangerine Dream

 Wed, 06 Sep 2017 02:14:55 +0200 
#^Revolution Of Sound | All media content | DW | 04.09.2017

Director Margarete Kreuzer looks back the career of Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream, the German band that helped pioneer electronic music.
 movie  music

Tunnel of sound

 Sat, 26 Aug 2017 23:08:06 +0200 
#^Tunnel of sound - Jazztube series goes underground again
The way to good jazz leads down an elevator. The Jazztube series is currently running in three underground stations in Bonn - and proves to be a talent factory already.
 music  Bonn