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#^Welcome Back! - Eurovision Diary 2018 in Portugal
Hello Dear readers!

My name is Ola Melzig, and it’s my true pleasure to invite you to yet another edition to the Eurovision Diary.

It’s an enormous honor to yet again be the Head of Production for this amazing event, and me and my partner in crime, Tobias Åberg, would like to thank RTP for inviting us and for the warm and sincere welcome to the Portuguese Eurovision family.

Tobias and I have been impersonating a pair of rubber balls bouncing between Stockholm and Lisbon for 8 months now, and we have finally reached the destination- the production of the largest music television show on Earth - The Eurovision Song Contest!

Some of you might frown upon the fact that we have no LED or any other video canvas in our stage this year. It is a very bold creative statement, and one that every single member of this production is enormously proud over.
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Unfortunately I am not involved. Just copied it from Ola Melzig's blog. I like this Swedish guy and his diary!
Actually something with lights was always my dream job, but I just made it to some IT guy. Lights are just some kind of "hobby". ESC is real rigging-porn and lightning-porn. ;-)
Waitman Gobble
 Sun, 13 May 2018 02:03:19 +0200 
242 wifi access points sounds like a nightmare. lol.