Redmatrix Documentation

Posting to the Matrix via the API

The API allows you to post to the red# by HTTP POST request. Below you see an example using the command line tool cURL:

curl -ssl -u $E-Mail:$Password -d "$Parameters" " >

$E-Mail:The E-Mail Adress you use to login
$Password:The Password you use to login
$Parameters:That's the interesting part, here you insert the content you want to send using the following parameters:

  • title: the title of the posting
  • channel: the channel you want to post to
  • category: a comma-seperated list of categories for the posting
  • status: the content of the posting, formatted with BBCode
  • htmlstatus:the content of the posting, formatted in HTML.

Instead of calling which returns a json (you could also add .json on the end to clarify) output, you can use /api/statuses/update.xml to get an xml formatted return.

Instead of Basic HTTP Authentification you could also use oAuth.