Redmatrix Documentation

BBcode reference

  • [b]bold[/b] - bold
  • [i]italic[/i] - italic
  • [u]underlined[/u] - underlined
  • [s]strike[/s] - strike
  • [color=red]red[/color] - red
  • [url=]Redmatrix[/url] Redmatrix
  • [img][/img] Image/photo
  • [img float=left][/img] Image/photo
  • [img float=right][/img] Image/photo
  • [code]code[/code] code
  • [quote]quote[/quote]

  • [quote=Author]Author? Me? No, no, no...[/quote]
    Author wrote:
    Author? Me? No, no, no...

  • [nobb] may be used to escape bbcode.

You can make lists with:
  • [list]
  • [list=1]
  • [list=i]
  • [list=I]
  • [list=a]
  • [list=A]
  • [ul]
  • [ol]
For example:
[*] First list element
[*] Second list element

Will render something like:
  • First list element
  • Second list element

There's also:
  • [hr]
  • [video]video URL[/video]
  • [audio]audio URL[/audio]
  • [table]
  • [th]
  • [td]
  • [tr]
  • [center]
  • [font=courier]some text[/font] some text

Tables? Yes!

[table border=1]
[th]Tables now[/th]
[td]Have headers[/td]

Tables now
Have headers

All sizes,
From the [size=xx-small] - xx-small.
To the [size=xx-large] - xx-large.
To fit exactly 20px use [size=20].

Redmatrix specific codes

  • [©] © This works for many HTML entities
  • [zrl][/zrl] Magic-auth version of [url] tag
  • [zmg][/zmg] Magic-auth version of [img] tag
  • [observer=1]Text to display if observer is authenticated in the matrix[/observer]
  • [observer=0]Text to display if observer is not authenticated in the matrix[/observer]
  • [observer.baseurl] website of observer
  • [observer.url] channel URL of observer
  • [] name of observer
  • [observer.address] address (zot-id) of observer
  • [] profile photo of observer
  • [spoiler] for hiding spoilers

  • [rpost=title]Text to post[/rpost] The observer will be returned to their home hub to enter a post with the specified title and body. Both are optional
  • [qr]text to post[/qr] - create a QR code.
  • [toc] - create a table of content in a webpage. Please refer to the original jquery toc to get more explanations.
    • Optional param: 'data-toc'. If ommited the default is 'body'
    • Optional param: 'data-toc-headings'. If ommited the default is 'h1,h2,h3'
    • Full example: [toc data-toc='' data-toc-headings='h1,h2']

These require a suitable map plugin/addon such as openstreetmap or else the result will be blank

  • [map] Generate an inline map using the current browser coordinates of the poster, if browser location is enabled
  • [map=latitude,longitude] Generate a map using global coordinates.
  • [map]Place Name[/map] Generate a map for a given named location. The first matching location is returned. For instance "Sydney" will usually return Sydney, Australia and not Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada unless the more precise location is specified. It is highly recommended to use the post preview utility to ensure you have the correct location before submitting the post.
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