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    I am able to edit a post's text after I saved it, but is there a way to change the permissions?

    Short anser: No, there isn't. There are reasons. You are able to change permissons to your files, photos and the likes, but not to posts after you have saved them. The main reason is: Once you have saved a post it is being distributed either to the public channel and from there to other Redmatrix servers or to those you intended it to go. Just like you cannot reclaim something you gave to another person, you cannot change permissions to Redmatrix posts. We would need to track everywhere your posting goes, keep track of everyone you allowed to see it and then keep track of from whom to delete it.
    If a posting is public this is even harder, as the Redmatrix is a global network and there is no way to follow a post, let alone reclaim it reliably. Other networks that may receive your post have no reliable way to delete or reclaim the post.

    I downloaded my channel and imported it (cloned my identity) to another site but there is no content, no posts, no photos. What is wrong???

    To be honest: Nothing. That's the way it is right now. Technically it is surely possible to take at least your own posts and maybe even files with you, but this has simply put not implemented yet. When creating this feature we thought that keeping all your contacts was more important. Your friends have already seen your old content. Once we find someone willing to implement this, it will be done. :)

    I can't see private resources

    You have probably disabled third party cookies.  You need to enable them for remote authentication to work.

    There are a lot of foreign language posts. Let's auto-translate them.

    There are also a lot of private foreign language posts and auto-translation services would require us to transmit these private messages to the translation service; and we don't know what they will do with them on their servers. Actually we do know thanks to Edward Snowden. Our best bet is a project called Apertium which is an open source translator we can install locally. It is currently missing German translations - which are the most requested translation in the matrix. Once again, this will be implemented when we find somebody who really wants to make it happen.

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