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Not all Redmatrix sites allow open registration. If registration is allowed, you will see a "Register" link immediately below the login prompts on the site home page. Following this link will take you to the site Registration page. On some sites it may redirect you to another site which allow registrations. As all Redmatrix sites are linked, it does not matter where your account resides.

Your Email Address

Please provide a valid email address. Your email address is never published. This address will be used to activate your account, to (optionally) send email notifications for incoming messages or items, and to recover lost passwords.


Enter a password of your choice, and repeat it in the second box to ensure it was typed correctly. As the Redmatrix offers a decentralised identity, your account can log you in to many other websites.

Terms Of Service

Click the link to read the site's Terms of Service. Once you've read them, tick the box in the register form to confirm.


Once you have provided the necessary details, click the 'Register' button. Some sites may require administrator approval before the registration is processed, and you will be alerted if this is the case. Please watch your email (including spam folders) for your registration approval.

Create a Channel

Next, you will be presented with the "Add a channel" screen. Normally, your first channel will be one that represents you - so using your own name (or psuedonym) as the channel name is a good idea. The channel name should be thought of as a title, or brief description of your channel. The "choose a short nickname" box is similar to a "username" field. We will use whatever you enter here to create a channel address, which other people will use to connect to you, and you will use to log in to other sites. This looks like an email address, and takes the form

When your channel is created you will be taken straight to your settings page where you can define permissions, enable features, etc. All these things are covered in the appropriate section of the helpfiles.

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