Redmatrix Documentation

Roadmap for Redmatrix V3

*HZ = Hubzilla repository

    Convert E2EE to dynamic loading (on demand) using jQuery.getScript() [or other methods] to only load encryption libs when you require them. This should also support multiple encryption libraries (e.g. SJCL, others) triggered from the choice of algorithm and remain pluggable.

    Convert core Diaspora federation code into a plugin. This presents a number of challenges since it touches and special cases a lot of core functionality. (HZ - in progress)

Subscriptions and business models
    Build enough into core(/addons) to generate income (or at least try and cover costs) out of the box (in progress Habeas Codice)

Merge all uploads into common DAV interface
    Separate photo albums from photos and turn them into file directories. (HZ - done)
    Upload everything direct to /store (HZ - done)
    If photo, generate thumbnails and image resources (HZ - done)
    Provide default upload folders with %y (and other?) macros for both photos and other file resources (HZ - done)
    Allow "media" (anything that we can generate a thumbnail for) in the Photos section (and show thumbnails in the Files section where possible) (HZ - done)

    Resolve the "every photo has an item" confusion, perhaps every file should also - but only if we can explain it and separate them conceptually.

Migration tools
    Friendica importer
    Diaspora importer (channel and connection import done, conversations and photos still in progress and waiting for support from Diaspora)

Webpage design UI improvements
    If practical, separate "conversation" sub-themes from overall themes so one can choose different conversation and content layouts within a base theme.
    Make webpage building easy, with point-n-click selectors to build PDLs
    bring back WYSIWYG, which ideally requires a JS abstraction layer so we can use any editor and change it based on mimetype

Social Networking Federation
    Friendica native mode?

    Create a list object to contain arbitrary things for system use
    Create a list object to contain arbitrary things for personal use

    Recurring events

    Provide a way to sync web resources. This could be built on DAV except for preserving resource naming (guids) instead of filenames.

API extensions
    More, more, more.

    More documentation. More, more, more.

DNS abstraction for V3
    Allow a channel to live in an arbitrary "DNS" namespace, for instance "mike@core.redmatrix". Use our directories and zot to find the actual DNS location via redirection. This could potentially allow hubs to be hidden behind tor or alt-roots and accessible only via the matrix.