TYPO3 Linkhandler

 Mon, 10 Jul 2017 17:29:51 +0200 
Was waiting for this for so long, but now I am so slow in getting the projects upgraded from old versions to 8 LTS.

#^Feature Spotlight: Linkhandler
With TYPO3 8 LTS it is now possible to add custom records to the link browser without an extension. This Feature Spotlight shows how to do it.

With the 8LTS release the TYPO3 core integrated a feature that was provided by numerous extensions in the years before: the Linkhandler (read the Feature RST). It is now possible without the need of further extensions to make custom records available in the link browser. So if you e.g. have a product application integrated in your TYPO3 system you can make the products available in the link browser so that your editors can link to products as they can to pages.

The integration of custom records in the link browser is quite easy and consists of two parts.