Wed, 17 Oct 2018 00:25:10 +0200 
Can not say that I have any clue about this sport, but it looks like Bonn is preparing well for hosting the European Championship next year.

#^German National Baseball League - Bonn Capitals win championship
The national league baseball team Bonn Capitals won the German Championship. In the fifth and significant final the team of coach Bradley Roper-Hubbert won 7:5 against the Heidenheim Heideköpfe.

#^European Championship Baseball
Bonn/Solingen, September 6-15, 2019

From September 6 to 15, 2019, the twelve top teams of European baseball will fight in Germany for the Championship crown . The tournament will take place in Bonn as main location, some games will be nearby in Solingen. Ticket sales have started.
 Wed, 17 Oct 2018 09:09:36 +0200 
Baseball is bigger in Europe than you might think. The Netherlands and Italy are the powerhouses, but German baseball has been coming on leaps and bounds in the last decade.

This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline

 Mon, 15 Oct 2018 00:07:23 +0200 
Low-tech Magazine refuses to assume that every problem has a high-tech solution. A simple, sensible, but nevertheless controversial message; high-tech has become the idol of our society.
 Mon, 15 Oct 2018 08:17:04 +0200 
That's very, very cool. While I love most things high-tech, they're completely right: A lot of stuff we are using high-tech solutions for today can be dealt with using low-tech, too, and often better.

It's time for me to look at that more closely.

The financialization of health

 Sun, 14 Oct 2018 23:16:50 +0200 
#^Open source pharma: How to stop the rot in drug discovery | DW | 12.10.2018

There's something rotten in the state of pharma — greed, secrecy, inefficiency — it's all there. And there's no easy fix. But moves toward a more caring, sharing industry through "open source pharma" may be a start.

Collecting is not recycling

 Bonn, GermanySun, 14 Oct 2018 21:21:37 +0200 
#^Plastic waste and the recycling myth | DW | 12.10.2018

Germany is hailed worldwide as a recycling champion. But like many European countries, it actually recycles a lot less plastic packaging waste than commonly understood — with dire consequences for the environment.

German Angst

 Bonn, GermanyThu, 11 Oct 2018 22:15:41 +0200 
#^'German Angst': Pinpointing the collective fears of a country | DW | 10.10.2018

An exhibition in Bonn focuses on the fears of Germans, demonstrating how certain topics such as immigration and surveillance had already been portrayed as threats decades ago.
Waitman Gobble
 Fri, 12 Oct 2018 03:40:36 +0200 
When i was in college i had an East German friend and a West German friend. From totally different planets lol. East German wanted to find a cobler to new soles on some worn out 'payless' shoes that cost 5 bucks, always wanted to buy my groceries on his (parents?) credit card so i would give him cash, and would often call me early in the morning to ask me to drive him places. For example, one morning he called at 6am wanted me to drive him to Washington DC so he could take the graduate test. He had to be there by two pm.. google maps indicates a 6.5 hour drive so maybe it was just barely possible... But there was no google maps back then and my opinion was that there was no way in hell it would be possible.

The west german friend was low maintenance. Lol


 Bonn, GermanyThu, 11 Oct 2018 00:36:43 +0200 
#^Getting to grips with the German language | DW | 10.10.2018

False friends, ridiculous grammar and never-ending nouns. In the second episode of the new season of Meet the Germans, presenter Rachel Stewart explores the pitfalls of the German language.

#Meet the Germans
 Thu, 11 Oct 2018 00:25:59 +0200 

#^German AfD scheme allows kids to tell on their teachers | DW | 09.10.2018
Germany's far-right AfD wants to set up online portals across the country where schoolchildren can denounce teachers who speak against the party. Critics say the measure is a step in the direction of "totalitarianism."
 Wed, 10 Oct 2018 22:35:00 +0200 
#^Künstliche Intelligenz - schlauer als wir? | ARTE

Es vergeht kaum ein Tag, ohne dass von ihr die Rede ist: Wir nennen sie KI, die Künstliche Intelligenz. Intelligente Autos, intelligente Telefone, intelligente Computer und intelligente Überwachungssysteme – sie bestimmen zunehmend unseren Alltag. Der Siegeszug intelligenter Geräte scheint unaufhaltbar. Werden sie bald schlauer sein als wir? Oder uns sogar ersetzen?


the cat - die Katze

 Tue, 09 Oct 2018 18:17:17 +0200 
The CAT is the category of the message, and it is normally stamped as SPM (spam), but occasionally may be HSPM (high confidence spam) or PHISH (phishing) depending upon what other types of patterns occur in the message.

Die Katze ist die Kategorie der Nachricht, und es wird normalerweise als SPM (Spam) versehen, aber gelegentlich HSPM (vertrauenswürdige Spam) werden oder Phishing (Phishing) abhängig davon, welche anderen Arten von Mustern auftreten in der Nachricht.

#^Anti-spoofing Schutz in Office 365
In diesem Artikel wird beschrieben, wie Office 365 gegen Phishing-Angriffe gemindert, dass Verwendungsmöglichkeiten Absenderdomänen, d. h., Domänen gefälscht, die manipuliert werden. Sie erreicht dies durch die Analyse der Nachrichten und Neithe mithilfe der standard-e-Mail-Authentifizierungsmethoden noch andere Sender Reputation Techniken authentifiziert Blockierung diejenigen aus, die werden können. Diese Änderung wird implementiert wird, um die Anzahl der Phishingangriffe zu reduzieren, die Organisationen in Office 365 verfügbar gemacht werden.


 Sun, 07 Oct 2018 23:39:55 +0200 
#^Das Calliope-Buch - dpunkt.verlag - IT-Fachinformation
Der dpunkt.verlag bietet Bücher, Zeitschriften und Veranstaltungen für die professionelle Computing-Szene

1.1 Was dich in diesem Buch erwartet
Du hast einen Calliope mini und fragst dich, was du damit tun kannst? Du hast schon Ideen und möchtest gerne deinen Calliope mini selbst programmieren?
 Bonn, GermanyWed, 03 Oct 2018 23:06:53 +0200 
#^Funds worth millions - Great joy in Bonn after University success
The winners of the strategy for excellence were named - and the local university is the great winner. Now the college can apply for the official title of „University of Excellence“.

Nostalgie ist unwiderlegbar

 Wed, 03 Oct 2018 00:24:14 +0200 
Eine sehr interessante und gute Betrachtung.

#^Warum rechte Elitenkritik erfolgreich ist
Trump, Le Pen, Weidel, Farage: Was Multimillionäre und Großbürgerkinder meinen, wenn sie gegen „die da oben“ wettern. Ein Essay.
 Sun, 30 Sep 2018 12:13:34 +0200 
#^Kinder als Influencer: Kinderschützer kritisieren wachsende Vermarktung

Kinder als Influencer im Internet? An dieser Vermarktung von Kindern durch ihre Eltern stören sich Kinderschützer und sehen Regulierungsbedarf.
Hubzilla @ sasiflo
 Sun, 30 Sep 2018 16:19:42 +0200 
Mach Dich vermarktbar ... ist wohl die neue Devise unserer marktkonformen Demokratie. Die Ich-AG weiter entwickelt.


 Sun, 30 Sep 2018 01:34:16 +0200 
The original sources of MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0, for reference purposes - Microsoft/MS-DOS
 Fri, 28 Sep 2018 00:45:47 +0200 

#^Is the destruction of Hambach Forest legal? | DW | 25.09.2018

Judicial advice says RWE's right to clear Hambach Forest depends on conditions that haven't been met. Are German police evicting protestors to make way for illegal activity by the energy company?

#^Opinion: Hambach Forest — just because it's legal doesn't make it right | DW | 17.09.2018

The protest over a scrap of ancient forest in Germany is about much more than a few scraggly tree huggers. It's about the future of energy — and protection of the climate around the world, says DW's Sonya Diehn.
 Fri, 28 Sep 2018 15:38:50 +0200 
Scraggly tree huggers? Patronizing middle-class waffling much?
Andrew Manning
 Sat, 29 Sep 2018 13:54:28 +0200 
I learn new and interesting English words from Manuel frequently. Thanks Manuel!


 Fri, 28 Sep 2018 00:17:49 +0200 
Really interesting project.

#^Harvestmap | Oogstkaart

Harvestmap (Oogstkaart in Dutch) is an online marketplace for redundant and second hand materials. Harvestmap allows companies or individuals to make an inventory of their supply of materials, components or even buildings to superusers. All materials, ranging from small quantities to continuous flows of (industrial) leftovers are represented. Registration to Superuse.org will give you acces to Harvestmap too. Participation allows you to share your own supply, provide tips to the community and find available resources in your neighbourhood or the surroundings of a project. Oogstkaart is under continuous development as we learn how to improve the platform, making sharing resources even more simple.

Mengen und Ziffern

 Thu, 27 Sep 2018 00:49:05 +0200 
#^Wie unser Gehirn Mengen und Ziffern wahrnimmt - derStandard.at
Aktuelle Untersuchung zeigt, wie wir lernen, mit Zahlensymbolen im Vergleich zu Mengen umzugehen Obwohl das Zählen auf den ersten Blick als eine einfache Fertigkeit erscheint, sind sich Neurowissenschaft immer noch nicht ganz im Klaren darüber, welche Abläufe in unseren Gehirnen dabei eine Rolle spielen. Deutschen Wissenschaftern ist es nun aber gelungen, etwas mehr Licht in die Angelegenheit zu bringen. Die Forscher konnten zeigen, dass manche Hirnzellen hauptsächlich bei Dreiermengen feuern, andere bei Vierermengen und wieder andere bei anderen Anzahlen. Bei Ziffern ist es ähnlich: Eine "2" aktiviert beim Menschen andere Neuronen als etwa eine "5".
 Bonn, GermanyWed, 26 Sep 2018 23:33:27 +0200 
#^Remembering World War I: Cologne Cathedral illuminated for peace | DW | 26.09.2018

The Cologne Cathedral will be illuminated the next few days in a special way as a stance against hatred. Messages will be projected onto the sides of the cathedral to recall the end of the First World War 100 years ago.


 Wed, 26 Sep 2018 18:11:51 +0200 
What a huge disappointment! :rofl Companies still believe this Vaporware? :rofl

#^BRK3143 - Hybrid Exchange: Making it easier and faster to move to the cloud
Jeff Kizner
Establishing an Exchange hybrid setup and configuring your tenant are some of the first steps in moving to Exchange Online. This process often gets bogged down in politics, competing priorities with other teams, and general configuration minutia. Fear no more! Learn how you, the messaging admin, can move to Exchange Online without talking to your network admin. Blocked by your pesky security team on the requirements for publishing Exchange? Come learn how you can mitigate their concerns. Come see the changes we’re making to the Exchange hybrid architecture and how we’re simplifying the process of moving to Exchange Online.
 Thu, 27 Sep 2018 00:28:05 +0200 
Okay, that is another challenge. I always thought public folders had been deprecated by M$ like 10 years ago, but they never removed it. At least they always made it the worst task to migrate. I was in the lucky position to not migrate public folders online. We never had so many public folders and I could replace the remaining in preparation for the online migration.
Marshall Sutherland
 Thu, 27 Sep 2018 01:44:23 +0200 
It probably was deprecated 10 years ago, but that didn't stop people from creating business processes around them. And odds are that we probably didn't stop using the version before they were deprecated that long ago. We might currently be running the 2010 version. I think I recall something about it being recommended that we before we migrate.

But, it isn't my team's problem. Our problem is to migrate (or recreate) dozens of servers that support the development process and the production servers that run the software developed to Azure. Six were migrated between last week and this week. Another was recreated. We have a lot more to do between now and February when the building containing our server room gets demolished.

I have a pretty little graph showing how our almost 250 VMs are distributed between our server room, a co-lo facility and Azure. We (my team) aren't responsible for all of them. I get to present that graph with the first 2 sets of data points tomorrow. There are more live VMs in the server room today than 2 weeks ago!?!?!

eine politische Frage

 Wed, 26 Sep 2018 01:04:22 +0200 
#^Microsoft-Abhängigkeit: "Es ist eine politische Frage"

Wer freie Software für die Verwaltung fordert, "muss politisieren", sagt der Ökonom Leonhard Dobusch. Die Bürger sollten bei "Public Code" Druck machen.