x-rays photography made in Bonn

 Bonn, GermanyThu, 12 Nov 2015 23:51:36 +0100 
I saw parts of this video several times, but had no idea it was produced here in #Bonn.

#^Röntgenfilm I (1936) - Professor Dr. Janker
Professor Dr Robert Janker was a pioneer in radiological diagnostics of skeletal systems, x-ray photograph technology, luminescent screen photography, x-ray cineradiography and radiotherapy. He worked on developing electronic image enhancement, x-ray television and mass x-ray screening. He established a medical clinic specialising in radiography in Bonn.
 Thu, 12 Nov 2015 23:59:40 +0100 
Still I remember a ex-girlfriend hot girlfriend but little crazy . She work in the hospital and make full radiography from Up to down . I think she expect I am a Alien or something that