Twelve Stars

 Tue, 02 Apr 2019 17:39:50 +0200 
#^Europe | Twelve Stars
The Twelve Stars project starts a debate between citizens and practical philosophers from all over Europe to discuss proposals for the future of the European Union.

We put together a volume of original and thought-provoking essays that float novel ideas and solutions for the “live” policy choices that politicians and publics in the European Union now face. The resulting articles are available here.
The book is to appear in the run-up to the European Parliamentary elections in late May 2019.
It is an exercise in “philosophy in practice”, in which thinkers who have a deep concern and connection to the European Project engage with European citizens.
The motivation behind Twelve Stars is that philosophical thinking and argumentation, when presented in an accessible way, can help in creating a constructive dialogue and in identifying common ground in controversial debates about the European Union.
Twelve Stars is not just a scholarly project, but an interactive and educational endeavor that engages with European citizens. All arguments are to be “crowd-tested” by their authors in innovative online discussions.
We gratefully acknowledge support by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the University of Hamburg, and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.