Tue, 09 Dec 2014 01:05:23 +0100 
Why Jolla reaches it's crowd funding tablet goal, but #Vivaldi and #Improv failed. :confused

#^Jolla Tablet - world's first crowdsourced tablet
Be a part of making the world’s first people powered tablet, running Sailfish OS 2.0.
 Wed, 10 Dec 2014 01:26:22 +0100 
Yes I have one. The battery time sucked at the beginning, but after a software update it got much better. It holds longer than my office Lumia M$ phone. I recharge it around every 3-4days. But I have no mobile data contract, so I only use internet through WIFI when I have access. So my use case will not be representative.

I am not sure if there are already finished images for other devices, but it should be possible to run Salfish OS on devices that support Cyanogen Mod 10.1. There is a hardware adaptation kit with instructions how to start porting it to other devices: #^http://www.jollausers.com/2014/07/sailfish-os-hardware-adaptation-dev-kit-release-1-0/
 Wed, 10 Dec 2014 01:30:23 +0100 
Actually I would be much more interested if it is possible to run Plasma Active on the Jolla Tablet. ;-)