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 Thu, 22 Oct 2015 00:14:03 +0200 last edited: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 00:28:12 +0200  
Just rebased and pushed the #RedDAV branch with latest code from redmatrix: #^https://github.com/dawnbreak/redmatrix/commits/RedDAV
There have been no conflicts, so I hope not too much got broken since the last rebase some weeks or months ago.

Looking at this incomplete list and then looking at two somewhat "faked" Behat Scenarios in one Feature gives not much confidence, though. Also in view of SabreDAV 3.0 which requires re-factoring of the auth backend again and upcoming SabreDAV 3.1 which will require PHP5.5.

Create a directory
Create a file
Delete a file
Delete a directory
Delete a directory with sub elements
Rename a file
Rename a directory
Create a private directory
Create a file in private directory
Create a private file
Create a directory with write_storage for another channel
Create a file in this folder with the other channel
Delete a directory from another channel
Delete a directory from another channel with write_storage
Delete a directory in another channel with subdirs
Attach public file to post
Attach private file to post
Access private file
Access private file with ?davguest
Access private directory
Access private directory with ?davguest
Access public file in private folder
Access public file in private folder with ?davguest
Access non-existing channel
Access non-existing directory
Access non-existing file
Access file/folder in non-existing channel
Access non-existing file/folder in non-existing folder
Repeat with WebDAV clients...
 Wed, 20 May 2015 00:10:00 +0200 
It was a bit quiet in the last time so what is the state of the #RedDAV branch you might wonder.
In the last weeks it got several enhancements. Several checks and feedback about max file and upload sizes on client and server side got added, multiple file upload is now possible and catches a lot of exceptions and provides feedback instead of the default SabreDAV Exceptions in the browser. Also improved i18n for JavaScript strings with variables in it.
There is one more SabreDAV exception I am aware of that needs to get catched and provide useable feedback to the frontend and there is a bug that you can upload a file with the same filename several times and get funny behaviors.
Otherwise the browser frontend and WebDAV with KDE SC 4 work quite nice as far as my use-cases go.

The next SabreDAV will be a major release with a new 3.0 version. This will introduce a plug-able and stacked authentication system and requires several modifications again. But that's a story for another branch, maybe ZotDAV or we will see.

Client side file upload checks

 Thu, 16 Apr 2015 00:45:49 +0200 
Working on the quota plugin for #RedDAV I was looking for some client side possibilities. Right now you first upload a file just to get to know that the file was too big or your quota was full, etc and that it failed. The screenshot shows a quick poc how we could check on client side for upload limits before actually uploading files. This cannot replace the quota plugin, but would improve user experience and reduce unnecessary transferred data I think.


You select the files you want to upload and it will calculate on the client side already a total filesize and this we could check against various limits like php upload limit, free quota, etc. and already inform the user before starting to upload anything. The example also displays some information of all selected files. If it is an image it even shows a preview.

@RedDAV Developers+
 Fri, 03 Apr 2015 21:20:15 +0200 
The 2nd try to get a DAV auth plugin seems to be a failure, too. :-( Much too awkward and nested to use it.
Let's try something else...