Massive mine

 Bonn, GermanySun, 26 Nov 2017 00:58:16 +0100 
This are sad news.

#^German activists lose bid to halt Hambach mine expansion | DW Environment | DW | 24.11.2017

An environmental group has failed in its legal bid to stop the controversial expansion of Germany's biggest lignite mine. Activists say the operation threatens the Hambach forest, home to a number of endangered species.

I am living on a hill in Bonn. On one side when looking down to the Rhine you can see the area where #COP23 took place. When you go to the other side you can spot the chimneys of these coal power plants. Would have been more honest if they would have build up the tent city for COP23 inside the open-pit mine. Enough space would have been there.

It is fascinating that employees get told that the changing conditions forces them to accept more and more flexible and liberal working conditions, but these same corporations insist on plans from the 1970s to dig a hole until 2045 despite the fact that coal must phase out soon and alternative technologies evolve with a rapid speed and could even faster if efforts would get accelerated. For sure it will not last until 2045. If markets would work I would say that we might be lucky and they are bankrupt before the last part of the forest got harvested, but I don't believe this will happen.
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In Spain, coal mining continues, in Salamanca uranium is going to be extracted and in Andalusia the exploitation of copper has been reopened in Riotinto... This is the desperate extractivism of this final phase of capitalism in its quest for quick profits....